Incline Village’s newest burger spot!

Inclined Burger and Brew’s menu might be stream-line, but the raves about it on social media and Yelp! are plentiful. Customers can choose from three burgers — ¼-pounder, ½-pounder or veggie burger — paired with tomato, grilled onions, cheese and a special sauce. The burger can even be made “protein style” with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun, and sides include regular or garlic fries!

About Us

Inclined Burgers began as the determined hope of Mitch Penning. He’d known for many years that he wanted to be a restaurateur, but his vision needed the methodical planning and support of his long-time childhood friend, Scott Beck.

See the two have known each other since junior high. They have traveled the world together, worked in the same cities, and have stayed in regular contact with one another for thirty years. Yet, it wasn’t until the summer of 2018, when a ray of hope caught the attention of Mitch in a Facebook post. In a late-night moment, Mitch took a chance and acted on his dream.

Of course, his next step–after talking to his wife–was to see if Scott wanted to join in another adventure. Scott’s initial response was an enthusiastic one. And while Scott didn’t know the entire concept–he knew his friend–so he made plans to travel from Marin, CA to Incline Village, NV to see what Mitch had in mind.

Yes, Inclined Burgers has become a fabulous burger restaurant in Incline Village today. The menu boasts a burger patty that contains three types of beef (sirloin, short rib, and chuck): it’s formed into a ball, flattened on to the grill, and rounded out with fresh veggies and a sesame seed bun. There is a secret sauce and secret spices, but Scott won’t talk about them. And yes, they accommodate vegans and gluten free individuals–which is a serious positive–hooray for diversity.

The other half is the bond these two men share. It is also the trust and friendship that Mitch has built in Incline Village with the community. It’s the friends who came to support him and Scott. Without the help of their team and fellow business owners, Inclined Burgers wouldn’t have opened.
Community, family–the support of your friends–is what Inclined Burgers is all about.
In a mountain community, where the snow can measure ten plus feet high in the winter; and in the summer, tourists abound to the point of traffic jams and chaos, the gift of family and friends is never overlooked or under appreciated. It is a necessity, and it is gratefully accepted when it is your turn to receive it.
Mitch Penning and Scott Beck have created more than just another great burger, and a place to enjoy it–though both are much appreciated by their hungry guests. They have built an environment that encourages people to be kind, treat others with genuine courtesy, and to pass the grace of friends and family to those they serve their delicious Bonanza burger and Avocado & Bacon burgers too.

So stop by for a meal, beer or glass of wine and ice cream, and enjoy the atmosphere. Travis will happily serve you a beverage from the bar, and the team will make sure your burger is perfectly cooked to order, and Scott will add his secret ingredients without you ever knowing what they are. Best of all, you will feel at home.

Meet the Owners

Mitch Penning: Intrepid traveler, hospitality industry professional, and family man. Owner of Inclined Burgers, where he keeps himself busy in the back of the house making the food that keeps guests coming back.

Scott Beck: World traveler, highly skilled diving instructor, long-time service industry professional, and the second half of Inclined Burgers. Scott runs the front end of the house, making sure that guests are smiling, the ketchup and mustard never run out, and the bar is fully stocked with cold beer and delicious wine.

Mission Statement:

A simple menu made with the quality ingredients by a family of happy people for guests who they think of as friends.


With a small space to work with in a town of tourists and stuck up locals, these guys blew me away with a simple yet delicious burger and an even better experience. Short version: The best burgers in Incline and possibly the whole lake. Best place if you just want a simple cheeseburger dinner. The…

Christopher Stewart

Incline has of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. The service and atmosphere are both phenomenal. I’ll definitely eat here again the next time I’m in town.

Alex Waters